Sources of funding: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, YOUTH AND SCIENCE / NATIONAL CENTRE "EUROPEAN YOUTH PROGRAMMES AND INITIATIVES" - NATIONAL PROGRAM FOR YOUTH (2011 - 2015); SUBPROGRAM 3: youth volunteering and participation in voluntary initiatives
Duration: 05.09.2013-05.04.2014
Realized objectives: 

  •  Awareness among the local community about the nature of volunteering and voluntary work. Breaking stereotypes associated with "voluntary" and its wrong perception.
  • Building a mechanism for mediation between organizations receiving volunteers willing to volunteer by different groups.
  • Strengthen the organizations and institutions working with volunteers encouraged the local community to volunteer.
  • Creating sustainable partnerships and exchange experiences among organizations working with volunteers in Pazardzhik and establishing the tradition of voluntary work by different social groups in solving significant local problems.
  • Building mechanism to recruit volunteers. Training the volunteers.
  • Creating meaningful leisure for young people by carrying out voluntary work in different organizations, agencies and institutions, according to their interests and preferences.
  • The aim was to provide young people to experience various fields to develop various competencies to recognize the skills and knowledge that will help them understand themselves and what they want and they will be willing to learn and engage in the future, profession and realization by volunteering.