Sunday, 22 April 2018 18:29

Training course in Pazardzhik

Within the project “Learning, Acting, Creating and Educating for Sustainable Development Goals / LACE for SDGs” a training session for youth workers was held in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria from 7th to 13th April 2018. 28 representatives from 7 partner organizations from Italy, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Thailand, Nepal and India took part in it. Two representatives of the partner youth organizations and 2 representatives of the organizations and / or informal groups who had won the innovative competition studied how to successfully implement local projects, promote sustainable development goals, meet the needs of target groups and spend expediently. They also trained how to report on their projects and how to achieve sustainability over time.

The training was under the motto "Change depends on me". All the 28 participants actively exchanged ideas and opinions, good practices and shared their views on the realization of their projects. Reverse links were provided and activities aimed at selected target groups were improved. Each organization had the chance to present their work and their plan for future joint activities. The youth workers were acquainted in detail with the Erasmus + program, the project cycle, the objectives and activities of the project “Learning, Acting, Creating and Educating for Sustainable Development Goals / LACE for SDGs” and last but not least with the culture, habits and traditions of the host country Bulgaria. During the training, an intercultural exchange was realized through the planned intercultural evenings. Each country presented its culture, lifestyle, traditions and successfully passed the spirit of its people through dance and songs. At the end of the training all the participants received certificates certifying the acquired skills and competences as well as the generally lasting impression that the change depends on all of us both individually and collectively as citizens of the world. There were a number of ideas for follow-up activities and initiatives continuing the project in the future. 28 youth workers in support of two trainers from Bulgaria and Spain successfully prepared for the realization of their innovative projects in the local communities.


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