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 NGO "NAVIGATOR", Pazardzhik was founded on 20.03.2012 as a non-profit organization for public benefit. The core idea of the organization is to promote voluntary initiatives at the local, regional and national level and work to support the development and implementation of the European dimension in Bulgaria. The mission of the Association is promotion of volunteerism and the realization of voluntary work for the benefit of society. To achieve its mission, the organization assists and supports the implementation of the necessary social, economic and legal reforms. Values of the organization are based on the European dimension of humanism and respect for human rights, the preservation and enrichment of human virtues and respect for humans. These values are important for the organization’s spiritual and intellectual development of the personality of the Bulgarians.

• Implementing programs in the field of education, sports, arts, culture and social activities.
• Supporting the development of citizens and the promotion of democratic values and practices in the city, improving the quality of life of residents of the city and region, supporting the development of spiritual values, culture, art and science.
• Supporting the target group social integration and personal realization of children, youth, adults and families, development and strengthening of civil society.
• Supporting disadvantaged people in the process of integration and socialization in society.

• To work for the development and implementation of policies based on a holistic approach to the rights and needs of young people who contribute to the welfare of society.
• To develop and disseminate methodologies to share knowledge , information and experience.
• To represent the interests of adolescents and young people associated with project management, business , government and local authorities and NGOs.
• To encourage and support research, education and practice in the field of project management.
• To assist in the preparation and implementation of projects that contribute to sustainable development in Bulgaria.
• Research , education and advocacy on the issues of public interest.
• To promote active citizenship of young people in general and their European citizenship in particular.
• To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among the society in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union.
• To foster mutual understanding between young people.
• The promotion of European cooperation.

str. "Todor Penev №13"
е-mail: pznavigator@gmail.com


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